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Find the perfect decor style

Written by Michelle Kawas


Posted on June 04 2020

Finding the perfect decor style is not easy, it all depends on your likes and the space you have available.

People ask me all the time "I like how you decorate" How do you do it?" and my answer is always..."I just love doing it!" but I also share some of the following tips:

  1. Know the area.- Familiarize with the space you are trying to decorate. How do you want the room to flow? What is the shape of the room? Is it a large or small area? What is the location of this room? It is important that you take the right measurements and get the feel of the area so you can determine the next steps.
  2. Decide the functionality.- What is the purpose of this room? Is this a main room, a living room or a personal room? Do you need storage space? Will you be entertaining in this room? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before moving forward. It is key to know what this room area will provide to your home in terms of space.
  3. Find your style.- What are style you going for? Remember every room can have its own style to inspire different moods. Do you like the modern look, the minimalistic, the futuristic, the classic farmhouse, the victorian look or the contemporary? I know that sounds confusing. What I think when choosing the style of the room is more in terms of comfort. Do I want it to be cozy or elegant? Is this the room I will relax and decompress or entertain and play? 
  4. Have fun Decorating.- If your home is due for a design update don't worry, have fun and decorate. Do you understand what that word means? Decorate is defined as making something look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it. So, your house is your own canvas, become the Picasso it needs and make it your piece of art.

Well this are just a few tips, there will be more to come so stay tuned on all our blog Useful Decorating Tips. In the meantime, have fun and keep decorating, its always good to keep your decor fresh.

Thank you for visiting Citral Living, where decorating is our passion and our mission is to help you create inviting and traditional real authentic living spaces.

Michelle Kawas
Founder of Citral Living