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The Citral Living Story

The brand Citral Living, grew as an idea to develop a unique, customized, organic marketplace online where the majority of our products are hand-made by local vendors and artisans maintaining strong eco-friendly principles. You are able to combine both home decor and lifestyle elements within our collections without breaking the bank.

Our main focus is adding value to our customers lifestyle by helping them Create Inviting, Traditional, Real, Authentic Living (acronym for CITRAL).. Our logo is the shape of a green fingerprint, encompassing our vision of developing a strong clean brand that touches people as they incorporate us into their lives.

To make this possible, we offer an organic shopping experience, where our customers can identify with our products and make them feel at home. That's why we follow a strict process when selecting the brands we incorporate to our site and partner with. They must meet our 5 core values: Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Commitment, and Accountability.

As a small business, we appreciate and support local entrepreneurs, and for that reason we strive to remain socially conscious and involved within communities. Therefore, we decided to partner with Non-Profit Organizations that help local and global communities/individuals by providing them with support programs, including health care, jobs, education plans and financial aid.

I hope you enjoy Citral Living as much as I do. We are truly thankful for the opportunity you have given us, local vendors, artisans and those involved in the process of making these products available. Thank you for visiting our home and trusting us with the items we carefully selected for you.

We expect to see you again soon!

Michelle Kawas
Owner of Citral Living | Citral LLC