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Words of Wisdom Candles



The "Wisdom" Candle represents an intense feeling of deep affection, devotion and enduring emotions. Pure and simple, this candle is instantly relaxing. Perfect for unwinding or infusing a room with elegance. Notes: Lavender and coconut.

Our Citral Candle Collection is hand-poured with love. These soy-based candles represent emotions and memories through their scent, transporting you to a special place. 

Glass Candle | Glass + Wood Lid + Box | Net Weight: 8.00 oz. Burn Time: 40-50 hrs.

When you purchase a Citral Signature Candle we donate $1 of the proceeds to the Save The Children Organization. A non-profit that helps children in Honduras and around the world to survive and thrive. Struggling with poverty, violence and a high percentage of illiteracy, these children need your help.